Our Pride

United Business Institute family is delighted to join hands with the numerous other families, who across the country have chosen our institution for their children. 


Extensive research demonstrates that some of the key factors that parents value in their child’s school are:

  •          A faculty of high quality and committed teachers.
  •          Classroom where teaching is innovative and engaging.
  •          A strong commitment to moral and character development.
  •          A caring vibrant environment that advocates community service.A school that provides holistic education, where each child is expected to do well academically as well as expected to participate in co-curricular activities.

UIB has an exemplary track record in providing quality education and preparing its students for some of the best placed blue chip companies both locally and abroad.

The school has a warm, welcoming atmosphere and well qualified staff who are enthusiastic about both learning and their teaching.
What often separate the best from the rest are some good habits. A good habit is like a sturdy oak tree. It starts off as a little seed. But tend to it just a little bit each day and the thing grows until one day it is so strong that it is almost impossible to break.